In a world that is more and more design-conscious, Equiparc has gained a firm foothold by working closely with both renowned and emerging designers. We continually update our designs and range of products to offer you the most innovative site furniture. We believe that design and innovation can greatly increase the quality of public sites as a result of improving everyday life in our communities.

It is with meticulous attention to details, the highest quality products and a great passion for design that Equiparc has built such an outstanding renown.

Sharing the same commitment to conceive stunning and inviting public spaces, we partner with the best designers to create site furnishings that will help you achieve the finest urban environments.

Daoust Lestage Inc.

Since 1988, DAOUST LESTAGE inc. Has been actively involved in the fileds of architecture and urban design. As a multidisciplary firm concerned with design at every scale, DAOUST LESTAGE strives to bridge the limitations of traditional design practices and overcome boundaries between urban design, architecture, landscape, graphic, interior, industrial and furniture design. Several times award-winning of Award of Excellence, it is with this great expertise that they created the very distinctive Collections PROMENADE and ESPLANADE.

Marc Boudreau

Over the 20 last years, Marc Boudreau has joined with different American and Canadian companies to create residential furniture, site furnishings, playground equipment and other utility objects. He designed the very innovative Collections 25 and PLAZA.

Michel Dallaire Industriel inc.

With his minimalist approach, Michel Dallaire revolutionized the world of the object. Among his famous creations one can name the 1976 Olympic Torch, the student briefcase Plasticase, the baby monitor Angel Care and the Bixi, acclaimed by Time Magazine and award-winning of the most prestigious international design awards. Michel Dallaire created the Collection INTERNATIONALE, also award-winner of several design awards, with as main objective to design a street furniture which identifies, distinguishes and promotes the Quartier International de Montréal.


Eugénie Manseau and Philippe Carreau founded Dikini after many years of industrial design practice in New York and Germany. Sharing a positivistic view of their field and of their role as designers, they are determined to create sustainable, durable objects that are strongly anchored in their physical and social contexts.

With the Collection DIMANCHE Dikini won the Grand Prix du Design award in Urban Furniture category. Conceived to mark the 30th anniversary of Equiparc, DIMANCHE adds warmth and refinement to public spaces.

ALTO Design

Convinced that great ideas arise from differing points of view and experiences, ALTO has built a multidisciplinary team of 25 passionate people. The industrial design team wanted to develop a signature for the Collection DELTA that was refined yet masculine. Bevels characterize the identity of this high-end urban furniture collection. The bevel cuts featured on every edge flow naturally from metal to wood, enhancing the product’s contemporary signature and comfort.Expressive in nature, the Collection DELTA reflects the close collaboration between Equiparc and the designers.


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